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Other Useful Iridology Sites

About Iridology

This site provides you with information on Explanation of Iridology, how it works, what to expect, health benefits, tips on choosing a practitioner and cautions.

Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists

This link provides detailed information on GNI-International, its membership, training, courses and accredited colleges within the UK, as well as background information on the history and practice of iridology.


Click here to get an overview of Iridology, with skeptical analysis.

Iridology Works

Iridologyworks.com offers a variety of software for use by both the professional iridologist and the student.

International Iridology Practitioners Association

Iridologyassn.org provides you with an Overview Iridology, FAQs and education details, with information about membership, people and events.

The Iridologists Chronicles

An interactive website with Articles, research information and list of centres regarding Iridology

Iridology now

This site teaches you how to find internal weaknesses through the color of eyes. How iridology originated, pictures, and how it works.

Study The Iris

studytheiris.com provides explanations on how iridology works and what it reveals about the patient.



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