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About Dr Henry Lindlahr

Outline of the section: Dr Henry Lindlahr, M. D. is the founder of "Scientific Naturopathy" in the United States, read more information on him in this section.

Henry Lindlahr is the founder of "Scientific Naturopathy" in the United States. He is the greatest and most articulate of the pioneers of the Nature Cure movement.

He overcame obesity and diabetes naturally under the program of Father Kneipp. Father Kneipp is a nutritionist and famous healer in Eastern Europe, who had a reputation for curing diseases naturally with fruits, vegetables, sunshine and other natural methods - instead of with medications. In the late 1800's Henry weighed 250 pounds but was only 5'7" in height. He tried the diets and cures of the time but nothing seemed to help until a friend advised him to see Father Kneipp.

Upon following the program that Father Kneipp set up for him, Henry Lindlahr cured his diabetes and lost 40 pounds. Following his successes, Henry Lindlahr devoted himself to nutrition and became a doctor in 1904 and founded the successful Lindlahr Sanitarium in the Chicagoland area.

Henry Lindlahr died in his early 60's.




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