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Chronic- Diseases-Their Signs in Iris

A Case of Chronic Asthma
(Fig. 29, p. 237)

Outline of the section: View charts of iris signs for various disease of the vital organs, like stomach and bowel. Includes a real life example by Dr Henry Lindlahr, M. D.

Mrs. V. was brought to us five years ago, in a dying condition. She had been troubled for twenty years with asthma, digestive disorders and many other ailments.

When she came to us the mucoid discharges from her throat were so copious and she was so emaciated that she presented the appearance of one laboring in the last stages of consumption.

For several months it seemed that the fatal crisis might come any day. The microscope showed some tubercle bacilli in the sputum, but not enough to make it a tubercular case.

After several months of natural treatment improvement came slowly but steadily. The healing crisis took the form of acute catarrhal elimination accompanied by low fever.

After seven months treatment she left for home in good condition. She felt fairly well for eight months; then overwork brought on another breakdown, and she returned to us for treatment.

The asthmatic attacks were very distressing, and she suffered greatly from an atrophic condition of the intestines--indigestion and malnutrition. For three months she could take very little food--not more than a few spoonfuls of milk or soft boiled egg with juicy fruit and fruit juices a day.

When conditions in the alimentary tract had greatly improved a serious crisis came in the form of an acute attack of pneumonia and pleurisy. In her already weakened condition this developed into a battle royal for life, but, as in all true healing crises, the healing forces came out victorious and from that time on she improved rapidly. After this last inflammatory crisis in the respiratory organs the asthma disappeared entirely.

Mrs. V. told us that her troubles had started in childhood with stubborn constipation, indigestion and malnutrition. For this she had received allopathic treatment. She remembered that she was given considerable calomel for the liver and bowels, and strychnin and arsenic as tonics to aid digestion.

Fig. 29

When I first examined the patient her eyes distinctly showed the strychnin wheel in the stomach and the arsenic flakes in the outer iris, especially in the lungs.

These poisons, together with autointoxication and malnutrition due to her digestive troubles, probably brought on the asthmatic condition which followed in the wake of the medical treatment.

At the beginning of the asthmatic symptoms Nature tried to relieve the respiratory organs from the morbid encumbrances by a vigorous attack of pneumonia and pleurisy. This condition also was treated in the regular way with drugs and ice packs. From that time on the asthmatic attacks increased in frequency and severity.

In spite of, or probably as a result of, the continued medical treatment by the best specialists in Canada and the United States, her condition grew worse from year to year until life became a continual torture.

The sequence of healing crises, as well as her history and the records in the iris, revealed the causal chain in her case. While undergoing regeneration under the natural treatment she had to retrace the old acute diseases--the ailments that had been maltreated and suppressed in the past. The chronic conditions in the digestive organs, lungs and pleura had to become acute and run their natural courses before they could be permanently eradicated. For the last few years she has been practically free from the old complaints.

When I first examined her the areas of stomach and bowels were dark brown with many black spokes indicating an atrophic condition of the membranes and considerable destruction. The stomach revealed the strychnin wheel, while the intestines showed several iodin spots. She had been painted with iodin during the attack of pleurisy.

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