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Comparison of Fermentation to Inflammation


Third or Chronic Stage of Disease

• Yeast fermentation in a sugar solution may be promptly prevented or arrested by the addition of salicylic acid, formaldehyde or some other powerful antiseptic or germicide. Antiseptics are protoplasmic poisons, that is, they paralyze and destroy the protoplasm of living cells and inhibit their activity. Fermentation, suppressed by antiseptics, results in a turbid fluid containing unfermented sugar, dead yeast germs and poisonous antiseptics.

• Prof. Béchamp proved that yeast fermentation thus arrested by antiseptics results in decomposition of the yeast cells and the appearance of bacteria in their stead. These experiments were conducted under conditions which made the invasion of bacteria from without an impossibility.
Acute inflammatory conditions in the body may be subdued or suppressed by protoplasmic poisons, such as antiseptics, antipyretics, opiates, sedatives, alteratives, or any other class of poisons which paralyze or destroy cell protoplasm and inhibit vital functions. All of these poisons not only paralyze and destroy bacteria and parasites of disease, but also paralyze and kill the healthy cells and tissues of the body. If the acute, feverish and inflammatory reactions of the second stage of encumbrance are suppressed by antiseptics and germicides, the combustion and elimination of morbid matter is hindered and suppressed, and drug poisons, which are much more harmful than disease poisons, are super-added to the old encumbrances of morbid matter.

• These accumulations of effete and foreign matter become a source of continual irritation and obstruction, and form a luxuriant soil for the production or invasion of bacteria and parasites. In other words, Nature's acute cleansing and healing efforts are changed into chronic catarrhal diseases.

• The chronic stage of encumbrance as recorded in the iris of the eye is illustrated in fig. 14, series III, p. 112.

Fourth or Chronic Destructive Stage of Disease
(Loss of Substance)


• If the turbid fluid, created by the suppression of alcoholic fermentation, be exposed to air and warmth, its microzyma will develop into spurious germs and ferments and various forms of wild fermentation.

• These spurious fermentations, in their turn, may be suppressed by more antiseptics and germicides, but as a result the fluid becomes totally unfit as a beverage and finally poisonous to human life.

• The human organism, when it has reached the third stage of encumbrance, will arouse itself occasionally to feeble (chronic) efforts of elimination, but ever increasing accumulation of morbid matter, continual additions of drug poisons, surgical mutilations of vital parts and organs, all conspire to lower the vitality and to prevent the possibility of any decisive, acute reactions or healing crises.

• The natural resistance and powers of reaction of the organism are in this manner slowly but surely undermined and weakened. Decay and destruction gradually proceed into the advanced stages of tuberculosis, malignant tumors, paralysis agitans, locomotor ataxia, paresis, pernicious anemia, chronic rheumatism, etc.

These destructive changes of the fourth stage of encumbrance, as recorded in the iris of the eye, are illustrated in fig. 14, series IV, page 112.

The Making of a "Chronic"

In order to illustrate the foregoing theoretical expositions of the development of acute and chronic diseases by a living example from every day experience, I shall describe a typical case of consumption, tracing it from its incipiency in an hereditary scrofulous constitution through its various progressive stages to the fully developed tuberculosis, and thence to health under the regenerating influences of natural living and natural methods of cure.

"John" was born with eyes of dark violet blue, indicating that "the sins of the fathers," that is, unnatural modes of living and of healing for many generations past, had endowed him with the undesirable inheritance of a psoric or scrofulous constitution.

Fig. 10

Nature, ever seeking to establish the perfect normal type, almost at birth began to eliminate the morbid inheritance through the skin and the mucous membrane of the digestive and respiratory tracts. (Fig. 10.)

But these well meant cleansing and healing efforts of Nature were misunderstood by John's parents and the family doctor. When the scalp took up the work of scrofulous elimination in the form of milk scurf and eczematous eruptions, it was smothered in oils, unsalted butter, cream, or mercurial ointments, in order to suppress as quickly as possible the "dreadful looking scabs".

If mother, after this "successful cure", had looked closely into baby's eyes she would have noticed in the outer rim of the iris the appearance of a dark, broad ring--the "scurf rim"--and also a slight darkening of the iris color in general. (Fig. 11, page 96)

Fig. 11.

Mother Nature, however, does not give up the fight so easily. Thwarted in one quarter she tries in another. Liver, kidneys, stomach and bowels next took up the work of purification. Johnny had attacks of gastritis, vomiting, colic and constipation alternating with diarrhea. The scrofulous poisons eliminating through the membranes of the intestinal tract bred worms of various descriptions.

But doctor, grandma, auntie and the entire female neighborhood within a radius of several miles, contributed advice, teas, drugs and salves of all possible descriptions to "cure" the pains, colics, worms, constipation and diarrhea as fast as Mother Nature developed them. If mother had examined Johnny's eyes as he passed through these periods of strenuous doctoring, she would have noticed around the pupil in the regions of stomach and bowels the development of a peculiar wreath full of black spokes and spots, denoting the localities in stomach and intestines where drugs and suppressed disease poisons had accomplished their work of destruction. (Fig. 11.) She would also have noticed various color marks indicating the locations in which drug poisons had gradually accumulated. Fine, whitish nerve rings indicated that Johnny's nervous system, irritated and over-stimulated by disease and drug poisons, was badly out of balance.

As the encumbrances of Johnny's system grew more serious and more complicated, Nature's efforts at elimination became more drastic and severe. He was going to school now and mother was very indignant because "he was catching from the dirty children" every "infectious" disease within hailing distance. Now he would be down with the measles, then with scarlet fever, another time he was infected with lice and itch and, to cap the climax, he was taken with smallpox.

Fig. 12.

Mother and doctor failed to see that these "infectious diseases" were various forms of psoric elimination. These "dreadful" diseases were also promptly "cured" by poisonous drugs and serums. That is, they were checked and suppressed before they had run their full and natural courses, and were thus made permanent in the form of defective hearing, liver and kidney diseases, indigestion and malnutrition. (Figs. 11- Fig.12, pp. 96-97.)

Though John, in his numerous tussels with allopathic and home made remedies, did not contract and carry off all the defects and blemishes mentioned above, he entered upon young manhood sufficiently handicapped to make life a burden. Suppression of psoric diseases left "itch spots" in his eyes in the regions of the liver, kidneys and intestines, indicating where the psoric poisons had concentrated. (Fig. 12- Fig. 13, pp. 97-100.)

The eyes revealed in many places the color marks of quinin, phenacetin, strychnin, iodin, arsenic and mercury, showing that these poisons had accumulated in the parts and organs indicated in the iris and were now interfering with the normal functions of assimilation and elimination. (Fig. 12 - Fig.13.) As a consequence, elimination through the natural channels was seriously impeded, but waste matter and poisons had to be disposed of somehow. The mucous membranes of throat, bronchi and lungs undertook this work of vicarious elimination for kidneys and bowels, and it is not to be wondered that John was "catching cold" with every passing draft.

Doctor Pills, who had "cured" so many of his childhood ills, now furnished the cheerful information that the catarrh and cough were becoming chronic. John continued to lose ground little by little. One day he walked into Dr. P.'s office and remarked: "Well, Doctor, my feet got wet the other day and I caught another bad cold. I am coughing and expectorating terribly--it keeps me awake.''

"All right, John," answered Dr. P., "here is some quinin sulph. that will down the fever; and here is some codein (opium) that will make you sleep and dry up that cough. Come back in a few days and let me know how you are getting on."

After a few weeks John came again. "Well, Doctor, your medicine worked like a charm. The fever was gone in twenty-four hours and the coughing and spitting has almost stopped now. Only I feel so weak in my limbs and my back aches and I have such a depressing headache and then my bowels won't move at all." (Depressing effects of quinin and opium.)

"All right, John, we'll fix that up for you. Here is some phenacetin that will stop your aches, and here is a nice tonic (arsenic, strychnia and iron) that will give you a fine appetite. And then you eat a good big beefsteak twice a day, eggs and chicken, soups and beef tea. A little beer or good old brandy won't hurt you either."

"All right, Doctor, but what about the bowels?"

"Oh yes, I forgot about them--here are some pills. Take a few after each meal. They will keep you going like clockwork."

One month later; "Good morning, Doctor."

"Good morning, John, how are you?"

"Well, Doctor, it might be better. That cough you stopped seems to be getting a little worse again, and I eat and eat and eat, but I don't seem to grow any stronger --it feels like a big stone in my stomach. My bowels worked a little better for a while, but now they won't move at all. Then sometimes I have a bad pain in my chest, and I am growing quite short winded."

"All right, John, I see we have to give it to you a little stronger. Here are some calomel pills (mercury)--take a few every night and follow it up in the morning with a good dose of salts. That is bound to do the work. Your appetite will be better, you will eat more and that will give you more strength. I notice your heart and pulse are getting a little weak. I'll give you some digitalis, that will strengthen the heart. And here is some ipecac to loosen the mucus in your lungs and help to bring it up."


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