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1.Book Title: Visions of Health : Understanding Iridology

Description: This book presents a new art of diagnosing with perfect certainty from the iris of the eye the normal and abnormal conditions of the organism in general and of the different organs in particular. It represents a scientific essay for the public and medical profession. Many original illustrations. Contents: allopathy vs. natural method of healing; history of the diagnosis from the eye; teachings of the diagnosis from the eye; key to the diagnosis from the eye; practice of the diagnosis; natural method of healing; natural healing factors; remarks; corroboration.

Author: Henry Edward Lahn

Year Of Publish: August 2003

Publisher Details: Kessinger Publishing Company


2.Book Title: Information from Structure and Colour (Iridology 1)

Description: After the two much sought-after textbooks "Principles of Iris Diagnosis" and "Differentiation of Iris Markings" by Josef Deck have gone out-of-print, this new high-quality textbook by three foremost students of the late Josef Deck and Josef Angerer is a worthy successor. Willy Hauser, Josef Karl and Rudolf Stolz explain the topics topography, constitution-disposition-diathesis, structure markings and pigments in an easily understandable way (based on the new regulation of 1997). The superb quality of this unique and beautiful text-and reference book is not only enhanced by the more than 30 years of practical experiences by each of the three authors but also by 180 color illustrations (including approx. 120 superb iris photos in color).

Author: Willy Hauser, Josef Karl, Rudolf Stolz

Year Of Publish: November 1, 2000

Publisher Details: Medicina Biologica


3.Book Title: Iridology Flashcards

Description: Iridology flashcards- 29 fundamental signs of the Iris, Pupil and Sclera and their explanations in English, German and Czech.

Author: Frank Navratil

Year Of Publish: December 2001

Publisher Details: Return to Health Books


4.Book Title: Iridology: Health Analysis and Treatments from the Iris of the Eye (Health Essentials Series)

Description: This book discusses European Iridology, it has a more clinical approach than some. Have a look at the British Iris Chart illustarted in the book, and see if you notice the differences! These are due to the development of the chart from the last 15 years of research by James and Sheelagh Colton. Iridology is moving on -- into the 21st Century. The section on self analysis is desgined for the beginner to get started straightaway, either on yourself or with friends. Many iris drawings illustrate iris markings and case histories. Buy this book now and save 10% now!! Enjoy!

Author: James Colton, Sheelagh Colton

Year Of Publish: January 1997

Publisher Details: Element Books Ltd


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