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Itch or Psora Spots in the Iris


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"Thus this eruption, externally reduced in cultivated countries to a common itch, could be much more easily removed from the skin through various means, so that with the medical external treatment since introduced, especially in the middle and higher classes, through baths, washes and ointments of sulphur and lead, and by preparations of copper, zinc and mercury, the external manifestations of Psora on the skin were often so quickly suppressed, and are so now, that in most eases, either of children or of grown persons, the history of itch infection may remain undiscovered.

"But the state of mankind was not improved thereby; in many respects it grew far worse. For, although in ancient times the eruption of Psora appearing as leprosy was very troublesome to those suffering from it, owing to the lancinating pains in and the violent itching all around the tumors and scabs, the rest of the body enjoyed a fair share of general health. This was owing to the obstinately persistent eruption on the skin, which served as a substitute for the internal Psora.

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PSORA has thus become the most infectious and most general of all the chronic miasmas. For the miasm has usually been communicated to others before the one from whom it emanates has asked for or received any external repressive remedy against his itching eruption (lead-water, ointment of the white precipitate of mercury), and without confessing that he had an eruption of itch, often even without knowing it himself; yea, without even the physician's or surgeon's knowing the exact nature of the eruption, which has been repressed by the lotion of lead, etc. . . .

"Mankind, therefore, is worse off from the change in the external form of the Psora--from leprosy down to the eruption of itch--not only because this is less visible and more secret and therefore more frequently infectious, but also especially because the Psora, now mitigated externally into a mere itch and on that account more generally spread, nevertheless still retains unchanged its original dreadful nature. Now, after being more easily repressed, the disease grows all the more unperceived within, and so, in the last three centuries, after the destruction of its chief symptom (the external skin eruption) it plays the sad rôle of causing innumerable secondary symptoms, i. e., it originates a legion of chronic diseases, the source of which physicians neither surmise nor unravel.

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"So great a flood of numberless nervous troubles, painful ailments, spasms, ulcers (cancers), adventitious formations, dyscrasias, paralyses, consumptions and cripplings of soul, mind and body were never seen in ancient times when the Psora mostly confined itself to its dreadful cutaneous symptom, leprosy. Only during the last few centuries has mankind been flooded with these infirmities, owing to the causes just mentioned.

"It was thus that PSORA became the most universal mother of chronic diseases.

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"It is incredible to what an extent modern physicians of the common school have sinned against the welfare of humanity, since, with scarcely an exception, teachers of medicine and the more prominent modern physicians and medical writers have laid down the rule and taught it as an infallible theorem that: 'Every eruption of itch is merely a local ailment of the skin, in which ailment the remaining organism takes no part at all, so that it may and must be driven away from the skin at any time and without any scruple, through local applications of sulphur ointment or of the yet more active ointment of Jasser, through sulphur fumigations, by solutions of lead and zinc, but most quickly by the precipitates of mercury. If the eruption is once removed from the skin everything is well and the person is restored and the whole disease removed. Of course, if the eruption is neglected and allowed to spread upon the skin, then it may eventually turn out that the malignant matter may find opportunity to insinuate itself through the absorbent vessels into the mass of humors and thus corrupt the blood, the humors and the health. Then, indeed, man may finally be afflicted with ailments from these maglignant humors, though these might soon again be removed from the body by purgatives and abluents; but through prompt removal of the eruption from the skin all sequelæ are prevented and the internal body remains entirely healthy.'"

Page 44

"These horrible untruths have not only been, and are still being taught, but they are also being carried out in practice. The consequence is that at the present day the patients in all the most celebrated hospitals, even in those countries and cities that seem most enlightened, as well as the private itch patients of the lower and higher classes, the patients in all the penitentiaries and orphan asylums, in other civil and military hospitals, wherever such eruptions are found--in short, the innumerable multitude of patients, without exception, are treated, not only by physicians unknown to fame, but by all, even those most celebrated, with the above mentioned external remedies, using perhaps at the same time large doses of flowers of sulphur, and strong purgatives (to cleanse the body, as they say). These physicians think that the more quickly these eruptions are driven from the skin the better. Then they dismiss the patients from their treatment as cured, with brazen assurance and the declaration that everything is now all right, without regarding or being willing to notice the ailments which sooner or later are sure to follow; i. e., the Psora which shows itself from within in a thousand different diseases. If the deceived wretches then sooner or later return with the malady following unavoidably on such a treatment; e.g., with swellings, obstinate pains in one part or another, with hypochondriac or hysterical troubles, gout, consumption, tubercular phthisis, continual or spasmodic asthma, blindness, deafness, paralysis, caries of the bones, ulcers (cancer), spasms, hemorrhages, diseases of the mind and soul, etc., the physicians imagine that they have before them something entirely new and treat it again and again according to the old routine of their therapeutics in a useless and hurtful manner, directing their medicines against phantom diseases; i. e., against causes invented by them for the ailments as they appear, until the patient, after many years' suffering continually aggravated, is at last freed from their hands by death, the end of all earthly maladies."

Is the Itch Disease Local and of Purely Parasitic Origin
or Is It Constitutional?

When the microscope revealed a minute, ugly looking parasite as the apparent cause of itch eruptions, allopathy jubilantly declared that Hahnemann's theory of psora was thereby finally disposed of. The little mite which is blamed for this disagreeable disease has been named by science, the acarus scabies, or sarkoptes hominis.

Under the microscope the parasite presents a ferocious appearance, having a body somewhat resembling that of a tortoise with the legs of a spider. His body is studded with strong bristles by means of which he braces and supports himself in the flesh of his victim when burrowing his tunnels into the lower layers of the skin. It is the prick of these bristles in the flesh and the work of his voracious maw which causes the intolerable irritation peculiar to the disease. The insect is devoid of eyes and nervous system; it is all mouth, teeth and stomach. The male is the smaller and burrows in the surface layers of the skin, while the female is larger and digs its shafts deep down into the cutis vera, or true skin, where it taps and sucks the minute blood vessels.

Orthodox science says: '' Itch is never found without the acarus scabies, therefore the latter must be the cause of the disease." Since the discovery of bacteria allopathy has extended this local and parasitic conception of disease so as to embrace almost every known pathological condition. As a natural corollary of this theory, germ killing has become the basis of modern medical science.

Iridology, however, conclusively proves that Hahnemann after all was right and that allopathy is in error when it claims that the killing of the itch microbe and of the vermin which infest head and pubis, effectually terminates these diseases.

For, after the killing of these parasites by means of sulphurous and mercurial ointments and other agents, sharply defined brown spots appear in certain parts of the iris and it has been conclusively proved that the areas in the iris displaying these psora spots correspond to the parts and organs of the body in which, after external suppression, the psoric poisons have concentrated.

We are often asked, "How can you prove that the scurf rim or brown spots in the iris have any relation to suppression of skin eruptions, itch parasites and vermin?"

Our answer to this is: "The diagnosis from the iris of the eye and the progress of chronic cases under natural methods of living and treatment conclusively prove these facts." Instances like the following come under our observation almost daily.

Clinical Proofs

A case of itch has been promptly cured with sulphur ointment and within a year there appears in the iris of this person, close to the pupil (area of the stomach), a sharply defined dark brown spot, and from that time on, the person is greatly troubled with chronic gastritis and later on with ulcers of the stomach.

A mother is horrified to find on the head of her little girl some lice. Within a few days the hair is full of nits and the vermin have increased to an alarming extent. The mother applies coal oil, or mercurial ointments, and the "nasty things" disappear from the surface--but not from the body. The psoric taints which Nature was trying to eliminate, now reinforced by drug poisons and by the deadly miasms contained in the bodies of the parasites themselves, recede into the interior and in place of being distributed throughout the entire body they now concentrate in some vital part or organ, and chronic headaches, epilepsy, chorea, asthma, nervousness, sexual perversion, etc., are often the result.

Several years ago a lady belonging to a wealthy and refined family came to us for a diagnosis of her case. The left iris displayed in the region of the cerebellum a light brown spot, and I remarked, "You have suffered for many years with chronic headaches, nervousness, twitchings in the limbs and the muscles, and with dizziness." All of this she confirmed and wanted to know the cause of her lifelong suffering.

"As a school girl," I continued, "you were troubled with head vermin and your mother treated them in the usual way."

"Yes," she answered, "I remember distinctly, I was affected that way several times, but what has that to do with my ailments?"

I explained to her that not external filth alone but internal uncleanliness as well, favors the development of these parasites; that like bacteria they subsist on constitutional poisons and act as Nature's scavengers which purify the system of scrofulous and psoric miasms. I also informed her that in many instances natural treatment had reproduced the old suppressions and warned her to avoid suppressive treatment, if such a healing crisis should develop in her case.

One day, after three months of Natural Therapeutic treatment, she complained about intolerable itching of the scalp. A look into her eyes revealed that the brown psora spot was surrounded and interlaced by fine white lines, the signs of an approaching acute reaction. "You will have visitors very soon," I remarked.

"What visitors do you mean, doctor?"

"The same kind that your mother killed some 25 years ago."

Within a week after this conversation she entered my office and laughingly exclaimed, "Oh Doctor, not one visitor, but a million! I am just alive with them." "All right," I answered. "Be thankful they have come. This means the cure of your chronic ailments. Do not use anything now but a comb and cold water."

"How lucky, Doctor, that you told me about this in advance. Without your warning I would surely have rushed to a drug store and have done the same thing over again."

Her old friends remained with her about two weeks and then disappeared as they had come. From that time on she was free from the "terrible periodical headaches" and other nervous ailments which had troubled her since childhood. Possibly this psoric crisis prevented the development of insanity in later years.

"Catching" in this case was absolutely out of the question, for she lived in the most refined surroundings and for three months cold water sprays and douches had been applied almost daily to head and body.

We are often asked the question: "Where do they come from--you do not believe that they come from the body itself?" We do not know, hut we do know by frequent experience that when the body begins to eliminate scrofulous poisons we need not worry whence germs and microbes are to come. As carrion attracts vultures so the chronic miasms attract bacteria and parasites.

This was written ten years ago for the "Nature Cure Magazine," but I allow it to stand in order to show how I anticipated the solution of the problem furnished by the microzyma, as outlined in Volume I.

Occurrences like the one related answer the oft repeated question, "Why stir up these disease miasms--why not leave them where they are, if their elimination causes so much trouble?''

If allowed to remain their presence means much greater trouble in the future. Better a brief healing crisis than paresis, cancer or tuberculosis.


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